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Metafarm is a workshop of activities & ideas for a new rurality.

A project for creation of new gastronomic experience.




Giacomo Miola


My main goal, as designer and food lover is to design and lead experiences and new food scenarios related to rurality. Tha’ts the reason why I co-founded became president of Metafarm Cultural Association.


Psychologist and Psychotherapist

I strongly believe in social innovation as a way to construct beauty in the world. Here at Metafarm I am not only co-founder but responsible for research and education, specifically, I lead training projects within local community.


Stage & Graphic Designer

I have always been passionate for exhibition and design of spaces. At Metafarm I lead this passion handle every corner detail from spoon to kitchen. Moreover I manage web and social media marketing.

About Metafarm

Metafarm is an organization developed through the mindfulness of excessive change within the food system to design activities and events strictly related to rurality, reestablishing the relationship between food and humans. Metafarm devotes its focus on small scale production using a multidisciplinary approach that aims to postulate the systemic vulnerabilities we face within our food systems, by designing active participation, education, community awareness and research.

Contact Info

  • +39 3333420263
  • Via Montepertuso 76, 84017 Positano SA Italy